What is Expodronica?

Expodrónica 2017 takes place again in Spain, next September, 21st and 22nd.  This 3rd edition we will see drones not only in the sky but also on land and. aimed at professionals involved with Drones. The last edition trade show featured nearly 80 exhibitors and more than 7.000 visitors.

Expodrónica 2017 will bring together the whole range of professionals involved in this business such as producers and manufacturers of applications in mapping, agriculture, gas emission measurement, land and urban planning, civil engineering work and film industry.


Expodrónica 2017 will be held in Saragossa Fair again, an ideal location for organising exhibitions, conferences, workshops, networking and flight demonstrations in an area of 10.000 square metres, all under one roof. In Feria de Zaragoza the event will reach a large number of your target audience of stakeholders, giving you the opportunity to meet thousands of professionals and amateurs to help you grow your business.

Expodrónica 2017 will unite top professionals in the same location again. It introduces both the latest technological developments and new trends in products and services. The Drone Business will change the short-term future with an estimated 15 billion euros worth of business in the next ten years. The European Commission estimates that 10% of the turnover in the aviation industry will come from Civil Drone manufacturing.


  • Industry (pipelines, industrial facilities, power lines and wind towers)
  • Transport (inspections and surveillance of railway, road network and river systems)
  • Construction and Infrastructures inspection
  • Precision Farming
  • Safety and emergencies
  • Professional Photography and video
  • And more…



  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Service companies
  • Training Schools
  • Maintenance workshops
  • Retail telecoms
  • Research centres
  • Innovative companies
  • Agencies and institutions


  • Area of exhibition
  • Location for Drone testing (indoor/outdoor)
  • Symposium
  • Networking
  • Drone Race

Expodronica 2016- September 22nd-23rd

Area of Activity: National / International

Location: Saragossa Fair

Target Audience: Professional 

Opening Hours: Thursday: 10h – 19h & Friday: 10h – 17h.

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