Why in Saragossa?

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Why in Saragossa?

Saragossa is a medium-sized, modern, dynamic, welcoming city with much to offer in the fields of cultures, entertainment, leisure activities and shopping: with important monuments in different styles, museums, theatres, restaurants with all type of specialities, new shop- ping centres, lively night spots and a complete network of hotels of all categories.

A privileged location

Positioned at the centre of the most dynamic axes of development in Spain, it has excellent air, motorway and rail connections, including the AVE (high speed train)

expodronica en zaragoza

By air


The airport is situated at 10 kilometres from Saragossa, capital of the autonomous region of Aragon. From the website you can obtain useful information: airport guide, access, means of transport, destinations, departures, arrivals and FAQ’s.

Saragossa Airport


Rail links


Saragossa has grown up during a long time and until present time as a fundamental link for peninsular railway, stating you can arrive in Zaragoza by train from practically anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula.

Saragossa counts nowadays on a new railway station: Delicias Inter-link Station, a complete center situated on a 75 hectare plot. The project also include to build a bus station, shopping and business centers and two hotels.

As well as another lines, since 2005 several trains AVE (high-speed train) does these lines:

 Delicias Inter-link Station

  • Navarra Av., s/n Zaragoza
  • Information and reservation:: 902 240 202




Many routes of coaches connect Saragossa to practically all cities of Iberian Peninsula and the most important cities of European countries, including the Czech Republic or Poland, as well as Nort African countries like Marroco.

Although nowadays there are several bus stations in Saragossa, in the next year all of them will be centralized in only one: Delicias Inter-link Station. Therefore, this place of the city and the railway station will constitute a modal swap which will promote the transport in Saragossa’s area.

Delicias Inter-link Station

Avda. de Navarra, s/n Zaragoza

Bus Companies – Destinations



Saragossa is a main point in Spanish road communications because of its motorway to Bilbao and Barcelona, the Aragón dual carriageway joining it to Madrid and the future Somport-Sagunto dual carriageway which will link Valencia to the French road network through the Aragonese Pyrenees. All these facilities offer to the city an excellent communications infrastructure.

The Sagunto-Teruel-Saragossa-Huesca-Canfranc line will be for high-speed use on the itinerary between Teruel-Saragossa-Huesca. Between Teruel and Sagunto, during early stages of the Plan of Infraestructure 200-2007 is planned its improvement in the Conventional Lines Program.

Thus, there will be a dual carriageway between Huesca-Jaca-Pamplona. The research for the dual carriageway between Jaca and Pamplona is being written and the Huesca-Lérida has already been approved.

GPS coordinates of Feria de Zaragoza:   41º 37’ 46.52’’ Nort  0º 58’ 47.43’’ West