From September, 25th to 28th, IFEMA and Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome will host three events that will bring together for the first time manned aviation, drones, the space industry and civil-military cooperation.


Madrid, March 2nd, 2023 – The different sectors to share the single sky – UTM, ATM and, for the first time, the space industry – will meet in Madrid at the Airspace Integration Week from 25th to 28th September 2023. This is an event for the integration of all sectors operating manned and unmanned vehicles, from traditional airspace vehicles to near space and outer space satellites and rockets.

Thus, IFEMA and Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome will simultaneously host three international events to give a solution to the integration of the single space. The Airspace Integration Congress hosted by the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA), dedicated to the integration of all airspace users, Expodrónica, the leading event in the drones and unmanned aircraft sector; and WOSS, the World Space Summit will integrate stakeholders across all altitudes in space.

Airspace Integration Week- supported by NASA, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Eurocontrol, Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana (MITMA), Madrid City Hall, NATO’s Armament and Aerospace Capability Directorate, European Defense Agency, U.S. Air Force, Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), ENAIRE, Convention Bureau of Madrid, Indra, Ineco, Senasa, General Dynamics Mission Systems and HENSOLDT.- will anticipate the coexistence of civil and military manned and unmanned aircraft in U-Space.

The event will combine an exhibition, with the celebration of a full program of conferences and networking spaces in addition to flight demonstrations in coordination of manned and unmanned vehicles, as well as software and services applied to the fields of Advanced Air Mobility (urban and regional), outer space, defense and security and urban integration, among others.

UTM, Airspace Operations & Space: All in One

Airspace Integration Week Madrid is the only place where ATM, UTM, and Space come together. The only event that will allow to know the novelties and challenges in Advanced Air Mobility, new unmanned and manned aircraft systems, counter-UAS operations, spectrum, automation, and electric aircraft. As for the infrastructures necessary for the development of U-Space, Airspace Integration Week will showcase the latest developments in infrastructures such as vertiports and lockers.

It will also show solutions for companies such as the critical infrastructures inspection, agriculture, audiovisual, security and the various fields in which drones bring added value to companies. In addition, there will be space to address the necessary cross-cutting integration through civil-military cooperation and public-private collaboration.

Space will be a key part of Airspace Integration Week, commercial operations in space, spaceports, low earth orbit navigation and outer space will have their own space at the event.

Thus, Airspace Integration Week turns Madrid into the only world reference place for aerospace integration through three important points: Airspace Integration Congress, Expodrónica Air Show and WOSS.


Expodrónica Air Show






Once the route is fixed, the manned, unmanned and space industry take flight together in a unique experience. The platforms, for the first time, will go beyond the screens, performing use case demonstrations that showcase their full scope.

Expodrónica will have an exhibition area and several spaces to share the knowledge, besides hardware, software and services demonstrations at Cuatro Vientos airport, where, in an unprecedented coordination exercise, they will show their full potential.

Both, demonstrations and the exhibition and congress area will offer a unique vision of U-space integration of all stakeholders that are part of the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), both in the field of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Regional Air Mobility (RAM).

Expodrónica will offer a complete vision that includes:

  • On the ground: the role of the administration and the cities with their important new role in defining the new mobility, the relevant role of the state security forces; new infrastructures such as vertiports; the application in meteorological services, communications or management platforms, among other aspects.
  • Unmanned Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV-UAS) that provide solutions for business and freight transportation.
  • eVTOL and eSTOL passenger and long-range freight vehicles.
  • Manned vehicles and air traffic management platforms (ATM-UTM).
  • Disruptive technologies Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence, IoT…
  • New investment opportunities, new business models to create a sustainable market.
  • Space and Outer Space, satellite navigation services and remote sensing technologies.


Airspace Integration Congress


A worldwide gathering of stakeholders involved in all aspects of airspace integration. Featuring a 14,000 square meter exposition at IFEMA. At Airspace Integration Congress there will be dedicated theatres with programming that focus on advanced air mobility, unmanned aircraft systems, eVTOL, space integration, civil-military cooperation, and air traffic management. Programming then transitions to Cuatro Vientos Airport for the latter part of the week focusing on the practical usage in current airspace operations.

Airspace Integration Congress will provide solutions that:

• Maximize safety, as we transition and integrate
• Support all airspace users having equitable and productive access to, and support within the airspace
• Detail the tools, technologies, human capital, and regulatory needs to transition and advance
• Support understanding and collaboration between traditional aviation industry/regulators, military, and new entrants/non-industry sectors
• Promote societal benefits, acceptance, and adoption of new services and systems

World Space Summitt


This innovative summit will integrate stakeholders involved in space activities, including governmental, and industrial organizations. Programming will take place both in IFEMA and Cuatro Vientos and will include proposed legislation, projects and cooperation, startups and industry leaders, round tables with space agencies and defense departments, debates about sustainability and telecommunications, and many others.

Information for the exhibition area and demonstrations, both at IFEMA and Cuatro Vientos Airport is available at www.expodronica.com. Attendee registration will open in late March at https://airspaceintegrationweekmadrid.com/. Visitor accreditation will be open soon.