• The 6th edition of Expodrónica will be celebrated in virtual format on the 9th and 10th of September this year. It will feature lectures, panel discussions, presentations and product demonstrations, as well as an area of virtual networking  to give the sector a space and a year round support
  • This unique international event for the drone sector will include the presentation of Expodronica Virtual: a meeting space for the sector 365 days a year
  • In consideration of the extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, registering for Expodronica 2020 will be free of charge


Madrid, August 11 2020.- It will be virtual, free and is going to be the most important think tank for the drone sector within Europe. The 6th edition of Expodrónica will be celebrated in virtual format on the 9th and 10th of September this year. It will feature lectures, panel discussions, presentations and product demonstrations, as well as an area of virtual networking . to give the sector a space and year round support.

The current health crisis and the mandatory virtual format will allow a different and more advantageous way for companies to access the sector, giving them more acknowledgement on this global and international platform, with companies participating from all over the world.

Two days to analyse the present and future of the sector

The sixth edition of Expodronica will be opening on September 9 with the public Administrations dealing with the regulations of aerial navigation, with a focus on ‘The future European sky”.

European legislation, the sectors’ strategic development plans and the necessity to establish synergies between the public and the private sector will take the lead during this first day.


Top-level conferences for the first day 

For the first time, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will take part in Expodronica together with the Ministry of Transport and the Spanish AESA, untangling the new guidelines coming into force from early 2021.

In addition we will have the virtual conference organized by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO), “Towards an integrated and digital airspace”, where world-class companies will participate. CANSO is the global body responsible for air navigation providers. It’s members are responsible for the 90% of air traffic world wide.

Droneii and EHang, key players on the second day of Expodronica 2020

“Next UAV” will be the title of the 2nd day, where the main multinationals dedicated to the air navigation, logistics and airspace security share their future strategies for the drone sector, set to transform mobility and logistics in the future.

The attendance of Kay Wackwitx, CEO of the german consultant Droneii, the world reference for the sector, concerning analysis, ideas and generating market data about the commercial drone industry will be one of the highlights of the second day.

The manufacturer EHang, world leader in autonomous platforms for aircraft technology, has recently established itself in Europe. Spain and Norway are the first two nations working with the Chinese company for authorization of passenger flights with electric drones – EHang 216. The Chinese company will take part in the second day at Expodronica.

Register at Expodronica 2020, which will be free of charge, can be made on the website www.expodronica.com in the section ‘Expodronica Virtual’

Expodronica Virtual: a sector connected 365 days a year.

“ The crisis caused by the pandemic has also resulted in a strong setback for the drone air navigation sector, however, we should all help to give an impulse to this innovative and flexible industry. And therefore from Expodronica we want to  collaborate in a new challenge, a new opportunity to give participating businesses with the highest level of acknowledgement and internationality. Furthermore, from this 6th edition of Expodronica, Expodronica Virtual is born, a place for meetings and support for the sector, which enables businesses, potential clients and  strategic projects to be connected in a digital environment that is accessible 365 days a year”, explains Isabel Buatas, CEO of Expodronica.

In this vein, Expodronica Virtual can offer a home base to interested companies where they can exhibit their products, news and information for the sector. In addition, they can take part in DronicAgenda: a platform facilitating year round networking, commercial exchanges and the celebration of public and private events.

Applications to be part of Expodronica Virtual as an exhibitor and to be able to give product demonstrations and presentations can be submitted via virtual@expodronica.com. Applicants have the opportunity to do so until the 1st of September.

Expodronica, the international trade fair for drones with civil use, has in it’s own right developed into the most important professional event in Southern Europe, making Spain the global epicentre of the drone industry. Expodronica will celebrate its 6th edition with a successful result in the last few years, with the biggest manufacturers attending, more than 1000 media hits – nationally and worldwide, trending in social media and the realisation of global presentations, in the hope that in 2021 the whole sector will be able to meet face to face.