World ATM Congress 2022 exhibition hall is expected to bring together more than 180 exhibitors and 200 sessions

The ninth edition of World ATM Congress; which accommodates the Expodrónica Pavilion, sponsored by UMILES Group; offers a whole vision of the future of the sky with more than 180 exhibitors and 200 sessions where aspects related to the management of aerial and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are addressed in its different Educational Theaters.

Topics to be addressed are:

  • Operational innovations to help aviation reduce its environmental impact and move closer to realising net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • Measures to increase ATM resilience to unexpected events including pandemics, disruptive technology, extreme weather and rising geopolitical uncertainty
  • Traffic forecasts to reflect variations at local and regional levels, in addition to Europe-wide scenarios
  • Initiatives to manage air traffic flow capacity at local, regional or network levels to help minimise the impact of expected and unexpected events
  • Military and civil operations to improve day-today life
  • ATM to support the entry of new airspace users such as unmanned aircraft systems and space-craft in a safe and efficient manner
  • How can operators better manage unpredictable changes in airline route structure (for example, to avoid regions of conflict, shifting flight paths, or airline closure)? Operators to better manage unpredictable changes in airline route structure, such as the avoidance of regions of conflict, shifting flights paths, or airline closure
  • ANSPs guarding against rising incidents of cyber threats
  • The future of autonomous aerial mobility 
  • Legal aspects related to urban aerial mobility (UAM)
  • Relations between NATO and UE in a civil-militar context in RPAs matter.

About World ATM Congress

World ATM Congress is the result of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). In its ninth edition, World ATM Congress offers three days of unparalleled insight into key issues in the ATM industry, complete with access to the aviation sector, including Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)/Urban Air Mobility (UAM), drones, commercial space, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), cloud computing and autonomous systems, and the largest European for Aviation stand to date, featuring with the most relevant organisations of global traffic management and regulation.

The event is taking place from 21 to 23 June 2022 at IFEMA MADRID. The exhibition hall gathers leading companies in the aviation sector, including UAS and AAM, and seven Education Theaters that discuss future challenges with esteemed international experts. The integration of UAS at World ATM Congress, provided by Expodrónica and its sponsor UMILES Group, reinforces this unique event’s influential and collaborative character.

Enterprises or organisations interested in participating in the IX Edition of World ATM Congress, please make contact with the organisation through www.worldatmcongress.org and www.expodronica.com websites.