Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, the world leader in sales, will exhibit at the second edition of Expodrónica Drone Trade Show in Zaragoza next 22nd and 23rd September. It will be the first time the Chinese giant exhibits drones at a trade show in Europe.

DJI has become the largest drone manufacturer and seller in the world. The company founded 10 years ago in Shenzhen, the “Silicon Valley” of factories, brands and technology development in China, has grown up from 20 employees to 3,000 for five years. Nowadays, DJI has already got branches in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany and Holland.

It is thought for DJI to have made around $500m in revenues in last two years, and it may be on track to become the first maker of consumer drones to reach a billion dollars in annual sales. DJI will be one of the three out of the four world’s leading firms of drones (DJI, Parrot and Yuneec) will be at Expodronica 2016

It is expected to attend Expodronica 2016 around 10,000 professionals. “With the presence of world and European drone leaders DJI and the Parrot alongside Yuneec, Expodrónica 2016 has already become the most important profesional trade show in Europe. DJI had never been before in a Drone Trade Fair in Europe, which is very important for Spain and Expodrónica “says Mrs. Isabel Buatas, Expodrónica General Manager

 Drone Startups Competition

Expodrónica 2016 will also be the best meeting for the drone business in Spain. The Spanish Aviation Safety Agency will participate actively in the Trade Show by giving some technical talks. Besides, Expodrónica will host a Symposium for Security Forces and the first drone Startups competition

In addition to the world’s leading manufacturers of drones, over 100 companies developing drones will exhibit in Expodrónica 2016, a trade show that improves in quantity and quality. In this edition Feria de Zaragoza will allow the exhibition and display of land, sea and air drones.

A growing business

Currently there are nearly 1,500 operators in Spain. Last December 2014, there were only 50 companies registered. Drones in Spain stands for 10% of the aircraft.

AUVSI, the International Association of Drones, will be also at Expodrónica 2016 and estimates there will be 100,000 new jobs related to this industry in the USA, and more than $ 82 million business in 2025.

The European Commission estimates that in the next 20 years 100,000 jobs will be created, with more than 10 million euros business each year. Market forecasts in Spain indicate an annual turnover growth of 15% and foresee a turnover of 20 million euros annually in 2050.