The Frequentis Aviation Arena, sponsored by the Austrian company headquartered in Vienna, is one of the many presentation theatres that entail an integral part of the World ATM Congress 2022 experience. Speakings will be from 21 to 23 June


19 May 2022, Madrid–⁠ The Frequentis Aviation Arena is one of the many Free Educational Theatres of the World ATM Congress 2022. This one, in particular, dedicated to rethinking ATC Towers and introducing the world’s most advanced automation application for ATC Towers in operation, its duration will be over 20-minute proprietary industry presentations, with a few panel presentations will become the greatest space dedicated to the latest in ATM and UTM technology and innovation. During this edition, Frequentis offers by its Aviation Arena a programme full of novelties and innovations such as Frequentis TowerPad®, which is the world’s most advanced automation application for ATC (Air Traffic Control) towers. By providing a single-screen user experience, it eliminates equipment clutter at the controller position resulting in a truly integrated controller working position (ICWP) on an unrivalled trusted digital platform. For the first time, a tower application is available, which automates routing, guidance, and control functions at the airport. In addition, the concept of virtualization, contingency plans for ANSP (Air Navigation Service Providers), an evolution of the CNS (Communication Systems, Navigation and Surveillance) chain for the European green deal objectives and the Aeronautical Data and Information Management Services provided by the states.

The ninth edition of World ATM Congress, which accommodates the Expodronica Pavilion, sponsored by UMILES Group, offers a whole vision of the future of the sky with its different Educational Theatres. The Frequentis Aviation Arena is a theatre dedicated to mainly 20-minute proprietary industry presentations, with a few panel presentations. In this space will be talked despite the fact that the agenda is provisional and is subject to changes, there are already speeches confirmed by several organisations such as Frequentis, the sponsor one; ENAV; NASA; ENAIRE; GMV Aerospace and Defence S.A.U. and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung among others.

The main topics will be presented by the different organisations on this edition at Frequentis Aviation Arena are:

  • Safe and sufficient control and capacity and at the same time environmental focus and digitalisation in ATC


  • Towerpad, advanced automation application for ATC Towers


  • Virtual Centre for voice communications, in a both operational and technical perspective


  • Business continuity in airspace management. Multi-use strategies for contingency in ATM automation


  • New Communications, Navigation and Surveillance technologies


  • The SkyCab II research project to create the basis for simultaneous flight operations of manned and unmanned air traffic (UAS)


  • The transition from AIS to AIM


  • Techno Sky, an authorised drone operator


  • Flexible Controller Working Position for Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) simulation and training


  • Air Traffic Control Radar Systems


  • Redesign of the airspace and flight procedures, both instrument- and visual-


  • Remote Tower Centre Operations


  • Agility, rationalisation and standardisation as the motto for a future ATM-grade IT platform


  • Digital data to unite the sky


  • The benefit from data and how they can help you


  • More efficient/sustainable Airside operations


  • The introduction of CP1 regulation which foresees the need to start implementing D-NOTAM and other related tasks


  • Digital Towers to enhance any airport operation


  • Intelligent Approach, an arrivals spacing tool for controllers


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About World ATM Congress

World ATM Congress is the result of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). In its ninth edition, World ATM Congress offers three days of unparalleled insight into key issues in the ATM industry, complete with access to the aviation sector, including Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)/Urban Air Mobility (UAM), drones, commercial space, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), cloud computing and autonomous systems, and the largest European for Aviation stand to date, featuring with the most relevant organisations of global traffic management and regulation.

The event is taking place from 21 to 23 June 2022 at IFEMA MADRID. The exhibition hall gathers leading companies in the aviation sector, including UAS and AAM, and seven Education Theaters that discuss future challenges with esteemed international experts. The integration of UAS at World ATM Congress, provided by Expodrónica and its sponsor UMILES Group, reinforces this unique event’s influential and collaborative character.


Enterprises or organisations interested in participating in the IX Edition of World ATM Congress, please make contact with the organisation through www.worldatmcongress.org and www.expodronica.com websites.



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