• DJI’s Eduardo Rodriguez, Enterprise Product Manager at DJI Europe.and Tingting He, Public Policy Manager, will both feature as keynote speakers at this year’s World Drone Forum
  • Capabilities of DJI drones for industrial and government use, data security updates, the regulatory outlook for Spanish and European drone laws, and DJI’s approach to safety
  • Expodronica 2019 takes place at IFEMA (Madrid) next June 27th and 28th

Madrid, 2019, May 22nd, DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, has selected the Spanish Drone Trade Show Expodrónica to showcase its drone capabilities for industrial and government use, data security updates, regulatory outlook for Spanish and European drone laws and DJI’s safety approach.

“To see a company of this calibre again at Expodronica talking about their safety approach is a great opportunity for our visitors”, said, Isabel Buatas, Expodronica CEO.


Over the past few decades many European enterprises have optimised their service, maintenance or security monitoring workflows. Still drones provide a new level of efficiency and can improve safety at the same time when being used with diligence and well-tailored vendor solutions. Hardware and software products go hand in hand to provide effective and efficient solutions.. DJI has established industry accepted products and is taking care of customers to ensure that their products cover the whole value chain from sensors and post processing to analysis software solutions and regulatory compliance. When rolling out large-scale drone solutions, regulations and compliance are key elements which need to be taken into account on a leading-edge drone platform.


DJI has become one of the largest unmanned aerial and creative camera technology companies in the world. The company, founded just 13 years ago in Shenzhen, the “Silicon Valley” of factories, brands and technology development in China, has grown from 20 employees to more than 14,000 today. DJI’s global operations currently span across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in filmmaking, construction, inspection, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and other industries.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez works as Enterprise Product Manager at DJI Europe. He is responsible for the design, development and customisation of drone solutions to meet enterprise customers’ requirements and expectations. In doing so he cooperates closely with DJI headquarter’s R&D department. Eduardo has also conducted multiple projects with industry leading stakeholders in different areas such as Public Safety or SDK development.



Tingting He

Tingting He works as Public Policy Manager at DJI. She is responsible for policy engagement between DJI and government stakeholders in Europe. Since joining DJI in 2015, Tingting has focused on national drone regulatory discussion across Europe as well educational and advocacy campaigns to help drive industrial efforts in operating safely.




On the 27th and 28th June 2019, Expodronica will be more than a simple drone trade fair. It will not only be a networking meeting point to develop business partnerships but also a place to investigate the use of drones by different sectors. That´s why more than 25,000 visitors will rely on Expodronica to explore new technologies and explore new trends and innovations. With more than 25,000 visitors, 300 companies, the three most important drone manufactors in the world, more than 1000 media professionals and the best drone pilots in the world, Expodrónica will celebrate its best year yet