• The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) members support 90% of world air traffic. It´s one of the most important bodies in aviation industry

  • Airbus, Altitude Angel, Boeing, DFS and ENAIRE share their future projects about UTM (Unmanned Aircraft Sistem Traffic Management) in a panel discussion co-organised by CANSO and EXPODRONICA

  • The 6th edition of Expodronica will be celebrated in virtual format on the 9th and 10th of September this year. It will feature lectures, panel discussions, presentations and product demonstrations, as well as an area of virtual networking  to give the sector a space and a year round support

Madrid, 2020, August, 26th. A special edition for an industry ready to take off. Expodronica 2020 partnering with CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation bring together the top aviation industry companies to make an broad presentation and talk about their organization’s views to develop an integrated and digital airspace by using UTM technology.

UTM Technology, a key factor in drone development

NASA has worked for 5 years to safely integrate drones into low-altitude airspace by checking the Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management called UTM. NASA was developing UTM along with Google, Amazon, Boeing or Walmart. The system will enable swarms of drones to fly a couple of hundred feet above the ground using cellular and web applications to avoid collisions and allow for remote tracking.

In Europe, aircraft traffic regulation as key enabler is being developed by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will also participate at Expodronica 2020, and the European Commission.

A high-level meeting

Eduardo García, CANSO Manager of European ATM Coordination and Safety, will moderate the panel composed of Isabel del Pozo de Poza, vicepresident and Head of Airbus UTM, Richard Ellis, Chief Business Officer in Altitude Angel, Mildred Troegeler, director of Global Airspace Integration for Boeing, Oliver Pulcher, Director Corporate Development, International & UAS Affairs and Daniel García-Monteavaro. Head of Drone Business Development Department at ENAIRE.

The meeting will start with an opening presentation about each organization’s views on UTM and if we can use the technology from UTM to transform ATM (evolution vs revolution?).

Then, the panel participants talk about the regulation as key enabler with their views on the UTM draft Regulation, developed in Europe by EASA and the European Commission document issued last March 2020 called “High-level regulatory framework for U-Space”. This Regulation represents an important first opportunity to establish a performance-based and risk-based regulatory framework that can provide some certainty to all airspace users and enable the development of the drone services economy and the multiple valuable societal and economic benefits drones can deliver.

The intention of the Commission is to finalise the draft Regulation by the end of 2020 to be able to present it for a vote by the end of 2020 or early 2021 to promote safe, secure and environmentally friendly operations of aircraft in UTM airspace while respecting the privacy of European citizens, among other important aspects.

The virtual meeting ‘Towards an integrated and digital airspace’, will be next September 9th from 17.00 to 18.30 (MADRID, SPAIN TIME)

Top companies speakers

Isabel del Pozo de Poza has over 10 years experience in the ATM field. She has been actively involved in the European ATM Master Plan update and the drone roadmap. She leads the ATM/UTM R&T roadmap across Airbus and was appointed in 2018 Head of Airspace Management – UTM within the Airbus Urban Air Mobility Organisation. As Vice President, Isabel promotes the vision of an integrated air traffic management to guarantee the safe, green and efficient integration of more digital, autonomous, and new operations.

Mildred Troegeler is the director of Global Airspace Integration for Boeing NeXt, a business division building the ecosystem that will define the future of urban, regional and global mobility. She leads the airspace integration regulatory strategy across the company working with regulators around the world to support and enable the safe integration of autonomous systems into national airspace with a continued focus on safety. Previously, she served as technical and operations general manager at the Association of European Airlines (AEA). Before joining the AEA, she shaped space policies at the United Nations as a legal and policy advisor to the German Aerospace Center.

Richard Ellis is Chief Business Officer for Altitude Angel, the world’s leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) technology provider.  He joined the business in January 2020, having previously held the role of VP Worldwide Customer Success at AirMap as well as a number of Board level and Executive roles in international tech and data driven organisations.  These included CarZar, Market Mettle, Smith Micro, Message Labs, Openwave, and Digital / Compaq.

Daniel GarcÍa-Monteavaro Vizcaino is Head of the Drone Business Development Department. He graduated from Polytechnic University of Madrid as an Aeronautical Engineer. He is a systems engineer with 17 years of experience as Navigation Project Manager in navaids installation & commissioning, and its relationship with Air Operations, PBN and RNAV procedures. Currently he runs the Drones Business Development Department in ENAIRE that is working in other European Projects related to Drone Demonstrators.

Oliver Pulcher joint the ATM-Industry 15 years ago. Since 2015 he is the Director of Corporate Development, Strategy & UAS Affairs for DFS, where he set up a strategic task force dealing with all UAS/UTM-Affairs within DFS-Group. In his capacity as Managing Director of DFS International Business Services GmbH is was responsible for setting up the U-Space-Service-Provider Droniq in Germany (JV between DFS and Deutsche Telekom AG), the investment in Unifly N.V. and drives the development of the drone market through various supervisory board mandates.  Before entering the ATM-Industry he graduated as a Economic Engineer in KIT University Karlsruhe and worked for several years as a strategy consultant in the banking/insurance industry.

Eduardo García González is the CANSO Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety. He coordinates, develops and advocates CANSO Europe positions on technical, operations and safety matters. He received the SESAR Distinguished Service Award for sustained outstanding performance in the HALA! (Higher Automation Levels in ATM) Research Network by the SESAR Scientific Committee and was also awarded the “Derek George Astridge Safety in Aerospace Award” and the “Safety Award in Mechanical Engineering” by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK. Eduardo received a PhD in Aerospace Engineering-Air Traffic Management (Cum Laude) and a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering-Air Navigation from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

The number of top world firms at Expodronica grows

The 6th edition of Expodrónica will be celebrated in virtual format on the 9th and 10th of September this year. It will feature lectures, panel discussions, presentations and product demonstrations, as well as an area of virtual networking to give the sector a space and year round support.

In addition to Boeing, Airbus, Altitude Angel, DFS, CANSO and  ENAIRE, another top world company has just joined Expodronica such as Thales, Alter Technology TÜV Nord Group, the Dutch one Smartkas, the German Droneii, the Chinese EHang as well as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European awarded technological Institute, FADA-CATEC.

Register Now!

Register at Expodronica 2020, which will be free of charge, can be made on the website www.expodronica.com in the section ‘Expodronica Virtual’

Furthermore, from this 6th edition of Expodronica, Expodronica Virtual is born, a place for meetings and support for the sector, which enables businesses, potential clients and  strategic projects to be connected in a digital environment that is accessible 365 days a year.

Applications to be part of Expodronica Virtual as an exhibitor and to be able to give product demonstrations and presentations can be submitted via virtual@expodronica.com. Applicants have the opportunity to do so until the 1st of September.

Expodronica, the international trade fair for drones with civil use, has in it’s own right developed into the most important professional event in Southern Europe, making Spain the global epicentre of the drone industry. Expodronica will celebrate its 6th edition with a successful result in the last few years, with the biggest manufacturers attending, more than 1000 media hits – nationally and worldwide, trending in social media and the realisation of global presentations, in the hope that in 2021 the whole sector will be able to meet face to face.